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Colins Bees are producers of quality honey products in Cardiganshire West Wales

Your Local Beekeeper

Beekeeper in Ceredigion / Cardiganshire West Wales

Hello and welcome to Colins Bees in Ceredigion / Cardiganshire West Wales.
Honey Bees are fascinating insects and I am always seeking to understand them better and to support their wellbeing.

As with All good, ethical beekeepers Colin works with the bees, keeping their hives in remote areas, away from sources of pollution, and uses natural, traditional beekeeping methods.

Beekeeper in Ceredigion, West Wales

The honey that bees produce is something very special and should be made available for everybody to enjoy. All of the honey that my bees produce is made in the Cardiganshire / Ceredigion area from the wide variety of flowers and flowering trees that this county has in abundance.

My Bees produce honey that is as close to its natural state as possible, harvested from the lovely largely unspoiled West Wales countryside. read more

Find out more about my queen breeding program here



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