Our Honey

Our Honey

Collins Honey produces honey that is as close to its natural state as possible, harvested from the lovely largely unspoilt West Wales countryside.

Our honey will vary in taste, colour and consistency throughout the year due to the abundant floral sources changing through the season.

Fresh Crop

This is our premiere honey, which undergoes minimum processing. The honeycomb is uncapped without heat and the honey is extracted by centrifuge. It is then allowed to settle prior to bottling. The only energy used is in the running of the centrifuge. Due to the gentlest processing, it forms natural crystals within the honey as it matures . Each batch will have its own unique flavour, influenced by the local flora of the season. We aim to harvest each month from mid-May until the end of August, so it is really for the Honey Connoisseur.

Clear Honey

With the main crop , we extract and prepare the honey to remain clear for an extended period. This is achieved by gentle warming to a temperature no higher than occurs naturally in the hive. It continues to hold the pollen and enzymes which give the distinctive flavour, reminding us of its summer goodness. As with all good quality honey, it will crystallize over time.

Set Honey

A very popular choice if you like to spread honey on toast. Setting the honey ensures it crystallizes evenly and yet remains spreadable. The process is a simple method of controlled temperature and turning the honey.

Crystallized Honey

This is a natural process that all honey goes through as it matures. The honey crystals have a crunchy texture, their size depending on the flower varieties the bees have foraged. Again, the process is natural and results in a variant which may be the cooks choice.

Waxed Sealed

Here we harvest the honey and cut in to segments of 225g/8oz complete from the “honey frame” and, therefore, has nothing added, nothing taken away. Have a slice in the morning and chew on nature’s chewing gum; beeswax, all day.

Chunk Honey

A combination of clear honey and wax sealed honey, all in one jar. You decide what you fancy. Nice novelty for the breakfast table.

Note:  All good honey will crystallize over time. This is a sign of its authenticity and quality. The honey can be re-liquefied and restored to its clear state by heating gently.
ds, not a chore.

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