Bees & Queens

Bees & Queens


Our queen breeding program involves selecting a number of our best performing queens from previous seasons and open mating their daughters at isolated mating sites surrounded by drone producing colonies selected by us. Our breeder queens and drone mothers are carefully selected using a number of criteria including productivity, gentleness, varroa hardiness and morphometry. We cannot guarantee the daughters will mate with our own drones, but we have taken steps to increase this probability. Our queens are all checked for a healthy brood pattern before being offered for sale.

They can be collected or posted (postage £1.50)and will be sent on receipt of payment.  Payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer, we suggest direct bank transfer if time is of the essence, email notification will be sent on posting by first class Royal mail.


We offer our surplus nuclei in a six frame national polystyrene box with integral ventilation and feeder. They are headed by selected queens from our breeding program, the brood will cover at least four frames before they are offered for sale.
£POA each, discounts on multiples.

Collection or delivery options can be discussed for large orders. 50p a mile for local deliveries, £30 refund on returned boxes.


If you would like to stock your hives with our bees on different sized equipment we can offer packages of ~2.5lb of bees with one of our queens.  These will need to be ordered well in advance and we will be happy to work with you to fulfil your requirements.

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